Pink – olive green set with diagonal stripes

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The sweater in a delicate pink shade, adorned with diagonal stripes, combines with olive green pants, creating an interesting color combination. The lace detail of the ribbons adds a special charm to the set, bringing a slightly vintage touch.

The mix of styles makes the set extremely versatile, combining a sporty spirit with the use of stripes, a vintage look with lace details, and elegance brought by the delicate pink color. This blend of styles allows the girl to wear it on any occasion.

Moreover, the set is long-wearing, as the sleeves and pant cuffs are made with extended cuffs, ensuring prolonged wearability of the set.

In addition to fashion, versatility, and long wearability, the set is very comfortable, made from cotton material, allowing your girl to move freely and feel relaxed throughout the day.

The set can be made in two materials, a thinner cotton jersey and a thicker one called sweat. The composition of both materials is 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

Note: In smaller sizes, the cuffs on the sweaters are shorter for easier dressing of infants.

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