How to choose the correct garment size?

The easiest way to choose the number is to measure the child’s height. If your child is 97 cm tall, you will choose 104 (garment size), as this is the group where the child’s height ranges from 97 cm to 104 cm. In case your child is between the two numbers, it is better to take the larger number. If you are not sure, you can of course contact us.

AgeGarment sizeHeight (cm)
0-3 months6254-62
3-6 months6863-68
6-9 months7469-74
9-12 months7875-78
12-18 months8479-84
18-24 months9285-92
2- 3 leta9693-96
3-4 leta10497-104
4-5 let110105-110
5-6 let116111-116
6-7 let122117-122
7-8 let128123-128
8-9 let134129-134
9-10 let140134-140