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A blue sweater with a wide gray stripe in the middle, bordered by two decorative white retro trims, creates a unique product. The advantage of the blue sweater is its classic blue color, which is versatile and easily combinable with other clothing.

In addition to its unique classic look, it is finished with extended cuffs on the sleeves, meaning it will be wearable for a longer time due to this design.

The sweater is available in two materials. Thinner material, cotton jersey, suitable for warmer seasons, while the thicker material, sweat, is suitable for colder periods. The composition of both materials is 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

This model pairs well with dark or light gray bottoms. The entire set can be viewed in the sets category.

*Note: For smaller sizes (up to size 78), the cuffs on the sweater sleeves are slightly shorter for easier dressing of infants.

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